Tips to Remember Information

improving-memory2 Most of us suffer from forgetfulness. We tend to forget things quite easily. To improve our memory some of us have even tried memory boosting foods and medicines. But by simple manipulation of our senses, we could easily improve our memory. Here are a few simple tips to enhance our memory.

Paying Attention

You can remember something only when it is imprinted in your brain. Paying attention is imperative to help the brain record information. In order to concentrate do not do more than one task at the same time. If sounds and sights distract you, then receive your information at a quieter spot.

Receive Information According to your Learning Skill

There are mainly two classes of learners – visual learners and audio learners. If you are a visual learner, you will remember an object through visualization, that is, either through reading or by seeing. An audio learner on the other hands remembers by hearing. Here you remember information easily by speaking aloud or hearing a recorded statement. However, despite the learning technique you are best suited to, you could involve other learning methods to help you strengthen your memory further. A visual learner could remember better by reading aloud. Link your information to images, colors, smells and tastes.

Connect Information to Previous Knowledge

By relating new information to an existing knowledge, you could remember better. To remember a new address, try connecting it to the address of another person you already know on the same street.

Organize Data

To avoid missing an appointment or an important date, always organize your information. Maintain a diary and frequently take down notes.

Understanding more Important than Memorizing

Instead of cramming without understanding the content, emphasize on understanding your information. Once you are able to grasp the meaning of what your read, see or hear, you could easily remember it.

Repeat and Rehearse

Repeat what you have learned over and over again. By hearing and reading something repeatedly, a long-term impression of the subject is formed in your mind that helps you to remember.


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