Tips to Put Children to Bed at Bedtime

bedtime Usually children do not want to go to bed due to various activities going around them. But it is very essential for kids to have a set bedtime which should be seldom strayed from. When children make reasons after reasons to stay away from bed, it is very demanding on parent’s nerves. Here are few tips which can help you put your kids to bed at time.

Start Preparing just After Dinner:

Start preparing your kids for bed just after dinner. For school-going kids, it is very important to finish homework, immediately after they come back from school. Otherwise they may get homework as excuse to not to go to bed. Make them finish their homework before dinner, in any case so that time after dinner can be used for preparing for bedtime.

Announcing Bath Time

Time of bath at night should be same everyday. Announcement for taking bath can be signal for your children to get ready for bed, but expect at least ½ an hour to finish all the chores like brushing of teeth, bath, getting dried off.

Importance of Pajamas

Pajamas or nightgown are very important for sleep. Make a habit to wear pajamas for your kids as wearing nightgowns or pajamas creates mood for sleep.

What to Do Before Bed Time

Put off the TV at least ½ an hour before bedtime. Avoid strenuous works or loud chats. You can ask your kids to pick clothes for the next day and it will also save your time in the morning. If some homework is left, child can do at this time. Send your children to bed at least one hour before the time you actually want them to asleep. Put the youngest one to bed first.

Bedtime Stories

After finishing all chores like dining, bathing, wearing nightgowns, it is the time for actually lying in the bed. Make your child comfortable in the bed with all the necessary items like pillows, linens and sheets. Now you can tell some interesting story to your younger child. Older children should be encouraged to read some good literature of story of their liking for at least 20 minutes. This charm of listening of reading story can actually bring the child to the bed and he will be in deep sleep after few minutes as day was full of activities.

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