Tips to protect your wooden furniture

oak-furniture1 Wooden furniture is an asset to every household. They add an exotic beauty to the interior of your house. If arranged properly, they will give an ethnic look to your houses décor, enhancing the owner’s pride. Today certain types of good quality woods are said to be even costlier than gold. Thus, it is highly essential that you take good care of your wooden furniture.

In order to keep your wooden furniture’s in good shape and quality for years you need to take good care of the. Here are certain tips that will help you take very good care of your wooden furniture.

You should always wipe your furniture with a dry and soft cloth. Avoid using moist clothes to mop wood as this will result in loss of polish and will increase the rate of decay. Dust your furniture on a regular basis to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt. This will help you to retain the shine for years.

Always keep the wooden stuff away from direct sunlight, rainfall, moisture, etc. This will corrode the wood and the furniture will decay in no time.

It is good to get your wooden asset polished once in at least six months in order to maintain the shine for a longer period. It is always good to get it polished from an expert than to try it at home, as this will give you better results. You can always clean polished furniture with turpentine oil occasionally in order to maintain the shine.

There are various forms of home remedies you can follow to remove stains from your wooden furniture. You can treat cigarette burns on your furniture by rubbing it with a paste of linseed oil and rottenstone until the burn disappears. In order to remove nail polish stains, blot it off immediately and then wipe it off with a steel wool dipped in wax. You can remove wax rings by holding an ice cube wrapped in a piece of cloth against the mark and then by scratching it off with your finger nail. In order to remove dry paint use linseed oil soaked in a cloth. Remove white stains, caused due to moisture, with baking soda. Always avoid placing hot objects on wooden furniture. This will leave marks on them.

The above-mentioned cares if taken will result in long lasting lives of your wooden furniture.


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