Tips to prevent and treat suntan

st The suntan is good for some while some might hate it to the core. It leaves a dark film of shadow on your skin and face thus covering your real body color. Staying exposed to the sun for long and frequently is likely to cause you tanned effect on your skin.

Often you see some people enjoying sunbath in some of the famous beaches of the world. There are many who are fond of sunburn unlike you and me.  However, for us who are not much fond of this process here are some remedies to help you prevent suntan:

Always wear sunglasses whenever you go out in the sun. This helps to protect your eye and prevents it from dust and also the direct and harmful UV rays of the sun. It is always good to wear sunglasses with broader rims as this helps to cover a major portion of your face thus, preventing it from being directly exposed to the sun.

It is always a good practice to cover your face with a piece of cloth when you go out in the scotching heat of the sun. You can use a scarp to tie around the face and your mouth region in order to prevent the sun’s ray from burning you up directly.

Umbrella should be a must whenever you go out in the sun. Try to use umbrellas with extra protective silver linings within their inner regions. This will prevent the ultra violent rays of the sun from touching you directly. Thus, your chances of developing suntan will be minimized.

Always use a good sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the direct sun’s rays. Do not move out in the sun without applying the sunscreen. People in different countries require different types of sunscreens based on their respective climate types. Try to apply the sunscreen at least minimum 20 minutes before you go out in the sun, this will help the lotion to blend within your skin.

During summer most of us try to avoid clothes which are too covered. However, during this period you should always try to keep the maximum part of your body covered in order to prevent it from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Avoid wearing sleeveless, backless or short dresses as much as you can in order to prevent suntan.

Some effective natural remedies to suntan will be, to apply a mixture of tomato pulp and yogurt on your face and leave it for some time before you wash it. Do it at least once a day and moisturize your skin well after that. This will help to get rid of suntan.


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