Tips to Practice Patience

001patience Patience is a virtue, which few of us practice in life. The busy modern life, with its cut throat competition and rat races have made as impatient individuals. Everywhere in life, whether it is at home, office, school or college, we want prompt result. Impatience is driving us crazy. It is making as victims of anxiety and depression.

We want everything instantly. We want instant fame, instant success and instant wealth. However, hardly do we realize that to reach our desired aim, we need dedication, hard work and patience to allow our effort to fructify.

Benefits of Patience
There are several benefits of practicing patience. Patience helps us to make better decisions. It helps us to appreciate the importance of planning and application of ideas. Patience helps to strengthen relations. A patient person is able to deal with people around him with compassion. Patience is beneficial for our mental health. It reduces anxiety, stress and is an effective procedure of overcoming anger.

The following tips will help you to develop patience.
1. Consciously make patience your goal for an entire day. Take time to think, and arrive at decisions according to the practical needs of the moment. At the end of the day, assess all the work you did on that day. You will observe that most of your tasks were accomplished with least hassles. You will realize that conscious effort in retaining your patience has helped you to make intelligent and tactful decisions.

2. As soon as you realize the advantages of remaining patient, you will begin adopting patience in decision making on a regular basis. You will not become accustomed to patient behavior in a few days. To make patience a habit, you should make concerted effort in practicing patience in your life. You will experience frequent impatience. However, through regular practice, you will become a patient person in the near future.

3. Don’t rush. Take a few deep breathe before you act. Learn to ignore things, which you cannot change. Always think before you act and speak.

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