Tips to Organize a Barbecue Party

001barbecue-party Summer is the time to host an exciting barbecue party in your backyard. If you are planning to organize a barbecue party, these tips will make your work easier.

Choosing barbecue grill
You can opt for a barbecue grill according to your budget. There are several types of barbecue grills, such as charcoal barbecues, wood barbecues, gas barbecues, electric barbecues. If you want your barbecued items to have the authentic smoky taste, go for the charcoal grills. However, if cleaning embers appear troublesome, you can opt for a gas or electric grill.

Barbecue menu
Your barbecue party menu should be a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian barbecue dishes. While the main barbecue recipes are being prepared, offer your guests some appetizer along with chilled drinks or hot beverages. The main barbecue dish would include barbecues lamb, chicken, pork, fish or potatoes. While adults would love the meat or fish marinated with spicy sauces, children would prefer simple tomato ketchup or a sweet barbecue sauce.

Party Location
Choose the venue of your barbecue party. If you want to organize the party in your backyard, make provision for ample outdoor lighting. Do not use very bright lights to illuminate your garden. Instead, use low voltage lighting. Landscape lighting is an interesting way of illuminating your backyard. Citronella lamps are suitable to keep out insects. If you are hosting a barbecue party away from home, ensure that the venue is equipped with party facilities.

Party supply
You need patio chairs and tables. Use unbreakable glasses and plates.

Party games
There should be party games for kids and adults. Musical chairs, egg and spoon race, pass the parcel and three-legged sack race are common party games. Give the winner some simple prizes.

Party Safety
Always pay attention to the safety of your barbecue party. Keep your barbecue grill at a safe spot, away from trees and wooden furniture. Place the grill on a level ground. Keep a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water nearby. Do not allow children and pets to come near the fire. Use tongs for handling the barbecued food. Keep inflammable objects away from the barbecue grill.


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