Tips to order in a restaurant when you are vegetarian

ve Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon. Green vegetables are rich in vitamins, proteins and essential minerals. I am a pure vegetarian, sometimes it becomes really difficult in restaurants to choose veggies when you accompany your friends, colleagues or specially the Boss.

Actually, it’s a great fight with yourself and menu card what to choose and what not. Many restaurants offers separate section for veggie lovers which include salads, pastas and snacks. But, most of the times you really have to dive fully in menu and then come to conclusion with hardly a single dish and that too with a fear whether you will like or not.

Some important tips to enjoy veggie meals in restaurant :-

1) If you order pasta, ask for it to be topped with grilles or sautéed vegetables in a simple garlic butter sauce — it’s yummy.

2) You can anytime ask the waiter to help you out to choose vegetarian meals, don’t feel shy. This will save your time and will help you to choose a meal of your wish.

3) If you are pure vegetarian always ask for egg content in meals because sometimes in snacks and gravy egg is present.

4) Be sure to ask once more to the waiter ‘is it vegetarian’ when the food is on your table. To err is human, sometimes it can happen that your order is mixed with another order.

5) In fast food corners always be cautious about the oil in which they deep fry chicken nuggets and French fries or apple pie.

All health conscious people are becoming vegetarian day by day. Day is not far when non vegetarian people will suffer from hustle bustle to choose their food and then you don’t have to struggle for vegetarian meals in restaurant.


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