Tips to Make Natural Herbal Oil

Oils close up You can make herbal oils on your own at your home. Normally herbal oils are made by mixing herbs in good quality vegetable oil. You can use herbal oil for treating skin diseases and to keep your skin healthy.

Tips to Make Herbal Oil

The following steps will describe how to make herbal oil with out heating the herbs and oil. It is an ideal method to make herbal oil from fragile herbs.

1. Identify the herbs that can be used for making herbal oils. If you are doing this for the first time then you can take the advice of a knowledgeable person. Harvest the plant and dry the outside of the herb with a clean cloth to get rid of the moisture and dirt. Wetness in the herb may cause mold growth in your oil. So it is better to collect herbs during a dry season.

2. Cut the harvested plant to small pieces and this will increase the surface area of the herbs for infusion and you will get stronger oil.

3. Now take a clean glass jar with a tight lid and fill the jar up to half with the plant material. Fill the other half with olive oil or good quality vegetable oil and cover the jar with the lid. Mark the contents and the date on the jar.

4. Allow the glass jar to be in a warm place preferably in a place there is direct sunlight. Keep it for three weeks on a saucer to catch the overflows if happened. Open the jar in between and check the oil level. Sometimes the oil level may go down and you need to refill the oil up to the brim.

5. After three weeks take another glass jar and place a filter cloth or paper over the jar. Then strain the oil along with the herbs through this filter. Allow it strain for overnight and the squeeze the herbs to ooze the last drop of oil from the herb.

Now your herbal oil is ready and you can transfer it in to a dark bottle with the help of funnel for storing.


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