Tips to Make French Onion Soup

frenchonionsoup French onion soup is considered to be one among the best onion soups. It has caramelized onions which makes it more delicious. For getting the best flavor it recommended that onion has to be made two or three days prior to making the soup. Soup made a day before will have more flavor than the recently made one.

Tips to Make the Soup

Caramelized the Onions

1.    Keep a large soup pot over the stove and turn on the flame. Add three table spoon of butter, three table spoon of oil in to it.

2.    Take five large onions, peel and finely chop them. Add this sliced onion in to the pot and also add splash of water to it. Add salt to taste.

3.    Cover the pot with a lid and keep it on a medium flame for about 10 minutes. When the entire water got evaporated take over the lid and reduces the flame to low heat and start the process of caramelize the onion by stirring continuously. The whole process may take almost one hour.

Making the Soup

1.    When the onion becomes golden colored and have reduced well add half cup brandy and three sprigs of fresh thyme. To this add six cups of home made chicken broth.

2.    Add pepper and salt according to the taste and keep it on a low flame for fifteen minutes.

3.    Take four slices of bread of multi grains and cut them according to the size of your soup bowls. Toast these breads and keep them aside.

4.    Preheat the broiler of your oven and take the soup in four oven proof soup bowl. Keep a slice of toasted bread over each soup bowl.

5.    Take two cups of Gruyere, Swiss or emmenthal cheese and grate them well. Sprinkle these cheeses evenly over each soup bowl and keep the bowl on the baking sheet.

6.    Keep the soup bowls under the broiler of the oven and broil the soup till it starts bubbling and the toppings of the soup turns golden brown.

Now your soup is ready to serve.


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