Tips to Make Dry Flowers by Your Own

dry-flowers Dry Flower

In today’s world Dry flowers have a good market. Dry flowers are prepared by drying the flowers and thus preserving their beauty for a longer period. They add aesthetic beauty to each home and they have a very good shelf life. If properly managed they will last for over 10 years.

Tips to Dry Flowers

1. Care to be Taken While Growing

If you are planning to dry a flower then care should be taken while growing it. The plant should be grown in full sun. It should get enough water. You have to ensure that it is not over watering. Care should be taken to make the soil pH neutral.

2. Care to be Taken While Harvesting

Flowers should be harvested in morning hours. While harvesting the flowers, make sure that there is no dew on it. After cutting the flowers stems bundle them in bunches and keep them away from sun. Harvest flowers at right time other wise the dried flowers won’t get the charm. The time of harvest for different flowers may vary depending up on the variety. Harvesting flowers at their immature stage is the best as the flowers start opening on drying. An over mature flower may shed the petals on drying.

3. Drying

There are different techniques to dry the flowers.

a. Sun Drying
The flowers are hanged upside down on ropes or bamboo splits. They are provided with good aeration. Chances of fungal attack are more here.

b. Air Drying
Here the flowers are hanged upside down in dark, dry areas having proper aeration and humidity.

c. Freeze Drying
It is a costlier method of drying flowers and it needs a lot of equipments. But the quality of dry flower is excellent here.

d. Pressing
Ordinary papers or blotting papers are used for pressing the flowers. Compression due to pressing increases the chances for damage.

e. Glycerin Method
In this method the flowers after removing the moisture is filled with glycerin. It gives high quality dry flowers.

f. Polyset Polymer
Polyset Polmer is sprayed on the flowers to makes then dry. It requires only a little time and gives excellent quality and color to the dry flowers.

g. Silica Driers
Delicate flowers are dried using this technique. It helps to keep the flowers intact and keeps high quality too.

h. Microwave Drying
Flowers are taken in a microwave safe bowl having silica gel. Silica gel is used in this technique to maintain the shape of the flowers. After positioning the petals pour the gel over it and microwave it in open bowl at low temperature for 2-5 minutes. Change the time according to your flower type. After drying keep the bowl half closed for 24 hours. Now you can clean and use the flowers.

4. Care of Dried Flowers

Dry flowers must be kept out of direct sun. Proper dusting is necessary to maintain the beauty.


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