Tips to Make a Beautiful Nib Painting

nib-painting Nib Painting

Painting is not only an art but also a hobby that gives you a lot of pleasure. One can make a painting using various instruments such as brush, pen, charcoal, spatula, nib and even a knife to make a painting. The painting using Nib needs lot of patience, time and effort. But the thin lines in nib painting will create a beautiful visual impression.

Materials and Tips to Make Nib Painting

Select a beautiful design to make your painting. Floral designs and scenery gives good impression to your paintings.

Preparation of the board
Nib paintings are usually made on a felt. Choose a black one as it adds beauty to your painting. Cut the felt according to the size of your picture and then find a hard board to stick this felt. Paste this felt tightly on the hard board utilizing the glue. Make sure that you have a clean felt on the board.

Draw the design on a tracing paper and trace it on the felt using a white carbon paper. Usually oil paints are used to make a nib painting. Before starting your work decide the shades for your design. Each petal can be made by using four shades. If you are making a dark red flower with white tips, you can choose white at the tip, a light pink next to the white, a light red afterwards and finally the deep red at the base. Blend these colors uniformly using a brush. This shading will devote a beautiful appearance to the painting.

Creating effects
There are three types of nibs to make lines and designs in nib painting. They are

  1. Rounded tip nib to practice circular designs
  2. Long tip nib to make lines
  3. Short pointed tip nib to mark small and sharp lines.

Using nibs you can score lines on your petals. Take some paint on the rounded tip nib and press it on the felt to make round impressions. This gives an effect to the painting. While painting you have to start your work from the top left corner as it helps free hand movement. Give some time to get dry the painting. Hence keep it for 10 days or more and then clean the felt using a tooth brush or a dry thick brush. Now your nib painting is ready to frame.


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