Tips to Maintain the Brake System of Your Vehicle

brake1 Maintaining the Brake System of Your Vehicle

A regular inspection of your vehicle will help your to prevent problems. You may often see a brake failure in the road side. In order to avoid such problems you have to have better understand the brake system of your vehicle and have to maintain it properly.

Maintenance of the Brake

1.    You have to check the brake fluid periodically, if possible with every oil change. The brake fluid will absorb moisture over time and the brake system will fail to perform when you want it mostly.

2.     Take your vehicle to a qualified technician and ask him to check the brake linings, grease, pads for wear and tear etc.

3.    Check the brake line and find out the punctures and rusts.

4.    The cracking and brittleness of the brake hoses has to be checked periodically.

5.    You have to check the wheel bearings and grease seals of your vehicle and adjust the hand brake if required.

Brake Warning Signs

1.    Squeal

If your vehicle has a good brake system then it produces only a minimal sound.  Exuberant and consistent grinding, squeal, banging, screech etc is an indication of a problem in your brake system. This is caused by the heating of the brake linings and pads.

2.    Grab

If you brakes are grabbing with light pressure that means contaminated oil or grease lining.

3.    Rubbing

It is the result of the rubbing of the metal component of the brake pad against the metal brake rotor which is caused by the complete worn of the brake pad.

4.    Pulling

On applying the brakes the vehicle tend towards one side and this situation is caused by dirt in the pads, air in the lines, stuck pistons, misadjusted brakes etc.

5.    Low pedal

Here the brake pedal almost touches the floor board before the brakes operate. This may be due to air in the lines or due to the leakage of brake fluid or low brake fluid.

6.    Hard pedal

A heavy foot on the brake pedal is necessary to carry out the brake function. A trouble in the power brakes, damage in the brake linings or restricted hydraulic lines causes this.

7.    Vibration

Vibration of the vehicle on braking is a clear indication of the brake problem.


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