Tips to Maintain Books

maintain-books Books are the biggest asset to book lovers. People those who love reading usually have a habit of collecting books. Some book collectors buy two copies of each book they read one and shelve the other. However, it is cost consuming and not possible for all. Instead, if you are an avid reader and a book collector, it is good to handle your books with ultimate care.

In order to protect your books and keep them in shape you can apply the following tips:

Avoid Writing on Pages: You should always avoid writing on books as the ink can damage the pages permanently. However, if it is too essential then you should always use a pencil and eraser and not a pen. Underlining, drawing margins, writing small notes etc. on the pages of your book is not at all a good practice and must be avoided in order to keep the books in good condition for years.

Careful Handling and Storing: You should learn to handle your books with care. Instead of folding the pages or keeping your books open with face down, use a bookmark to mark the pages you are reading. It is always good to cover your book while reading. This protects the exterior of your book from being destroyed easily. When you are not reading a book, it is a good practice to shelve your books. Store your books vertically upright in shelves with enough headspace.

Weather Effects: Always try to keep your books away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. Direct sunlight can fade the color of the cover as well as inside pages of your books. They will soon turn yellowish. Always store them in dry places. Storing books in damp and humid places will produce molds and mildews, which will ruin them. Keep books away from water as water ripples the pages and destroys them.

Living Creatures: Keep books away from pets at home. Dogs and cats love nibbling at books. In order to keep your book in shape, always avoid leaving them in places easily reachable by your pets. You should also take care of mice and bugs in your house, as they are the biggest enemies to books. Keep your books away from toddlers, as they are too innocent and young to value them.

Foods and Drinks: Always try to keep your books away from you when you are eating or drinking some thing. Food particles leave stains on books, which you cannot get rid off, later. They also attract bugs and mice, which in turn spoils the books by nibbling at them.


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