Tips to loose weight

lw2 Today everyone is keen of loosing weight so that they can achieve a slim and trim look. However, this does not mean that you belong to the same class. Your intentions might anyways differ based on your physical needs. It is very essential that you should know your right weight measurement.

Every body will have different weight based on their differing BMI. BMI is the body mass index in which the weight in kilos of your body is divided by the square of your height in meter.

This measurement should be matched in a prescribed scale of BMI to know your right BMI. Once you know that you should take your decision, whether to gain weight or lose weight. The normal or average BMI is 18.5 to 24.9. Thus, if you are beyond 18.5 you need to gain weight.

In order to gain weight you can always apply the following remedies:


Increase your intake of calories. Eat foods rich in calorie like, mangoes, ice creams, pastries, egg yolk, cashews, nuts, etc. There are several other options too. However, try to avid junk and deep fried food items as they can be harmful for your health. Try to intake calories from natural sources more, than artificial ones. This will also help you to stay healthy.

Number of meals:

You should also increase the number of meals you eat a day. You should take a minimum of 6 meals a day. Try to include as much healthy food as you can in your diet and you also need to increase the quantity.


Increase your intake of protein as they will help you develop the body muscles without which you cannot gain weight. Thus, eat more of meat, fish, fatty milk, peas, beans, pulses, cheese, yogurt, etc. You should also increase your intake of starchy food like potato, rice, tapioca, etc. These also help in gaining weight. Try to replace your bread especially brown bread with rice in order to gain more weight.

Exercise regime:

You should also be careful while choosing your exercises. Do not stop working out as this will loosen the shape of your body and will make you less active. Instead consult your instructor and know the right type of exercise for you.

Concentrate on free weight exercises more as this will promote building of muscle fibers in your body and thus, will make you look stronger. The best exercises will be, push ups, pull ups, dumbbells, squats, bar lifts, etc.

Fluid intake:

You should also increase your intake of fluid. Drink a lot of water and also milk shakes, fresh fruit juices, health or energy drinks, etc.

These are some of the immediate and most handy tips to make you gain some weight as per the necessity of your body.


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