Tips to Keep the Back Pain Away

back-pain3 Back pain is very common ailment today, people are facing world over. Due to hectic lifestyle and lack of right posture are some of the most important reasons of getting back pain. Any injury or accident can also give rise to back pain.

But in normal conditions, you can help yourself to keep the back pain away or to the minimum. Some very simple things are enough to keep your spine healthy. This can be said as the preventive maintenance. As is the saying goes, “prevention is always better than cure”. Let us learn about some simple measures.

Know Your Body
You must understand, your body is one single unit which is made up of many different parts, playing different roles. But whenever there is any problem in one part, other parts of the body will be definitely affected. When your body is in right posture, your muscles and bones are centered and right balanced. This affects your back also.

Strengthen your Core: Back muscles and the abdominal muscles work together to hold the back upright. You should keep your torso strong by following exercise regimen like Pilates, yoga or water exercises.

Take Care while doing routine activities
Like other people, you must be doing many jobs or activities daily without taking care of how you do them. Like whenever you lift things or pick things from floor, generally you bend your back and pick from your hands. This gives rise to back pain. Learn proper body mechanics and learn to do things in better way.

Be Active
Do not be lazy; be active. It makes your muscles flexible and removes stiffness. This helps to ease or prevent back pain. If you are working on computer for long hours, take frequent breaks and walk or stretch. Make back exercises your routine.

Maintain a Healthy Weight
Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight creates great stress over the bones, muscles, joints and nerves. Reducing the weight help decrease the back pain.


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