Tips to increase the fertility in men

ferility-tips-for-men1 Pregnancy is a joint venture between the man and the woman. Therefore, if either of them is weak or incapable then the process will not materialize. Doctors say that the term used to specify such incapability is called infertility. This is the situation when a couple fails to enter the state of pregnancy in spite of undergoing unprotected intercourse.

This is a form of health issue which can be treated with proper guidance and consultancy. Today we will discuss about treating the infertility problem in men. This is the situation when the sperm count in men decreases. Not only the sperm count it can also be the quality and the motility of the sperm that will deteriorate. Here are some natural tips to help all men cope up with infertility.

Improving your diet regime is always a good solution to this problem. Minimize intake of alcohol as this will result is reduction of sperm count and quality. Vitamin C is an essential supplement to enhance sperm motility. This helps to prevent sperm agglutination. Vitamin B12 and vitamin E are also highly responsible for reducing infertility in men. They assist the growth and health of sperms. Zinc and calcium are important substances that regulate the functionality of the sperms and makes men fertile. It is essential to increase your intake of zinc and calcium supplements in order to keep your sex life active and fertile.

There is difference in between the temperature of the testes and the real body temperature. It is generally lower compared to the actual body temperature and this condition facilitates the growth and health of the sperms. You should always try to maintain this temperature level. Avoid wearing very tight undergarments as they may overheat the testes and lower your sperm count. Similarly regular use of harmful drugs like cocaine, marijuana, etc. can also be the reason. Avoid constant smoking to obtain a better sperm count.

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