Tips to Identify Cubic Zirconia

cubic-zirconia Like millions of women, you love diamonds. But if you cannot afford to buy the real one, you can consider buying a Cubic Zirconia. Cubic Zirconia is fake diamond. Other than the huge difference in the price tag, it would be difficult for a layperson to understand the difference between the two stones. However, people who are used to handling real diamonds can point out the distinction between the two.

Cubic Zirconia grading

Cubic Zirconia is also known as Zirconium or Zirconian. This is a man made diamond. These fake diamonds are graded according to their quality. The grading ranges from Grade A to Grade AAAAA. Grade A Cubic Zirconia is the worst quality stone. To fool people around you with your stunning fake diamond jewelries, buy Cubic Zirconia with AAAAA grade.

While you are trying to fool others with your Cubic Zirconia jewelries, if someone tries to play the same trick on you, you can identify the fake diamonds through the following steps:


You can hardly get a completely colorless diamond. These diamonds are extremely rare and carry a D rating on the diamond color chart. Diamonds commonly available are near colorless with color rating ranging from G to J. Cubic Zirconia also have a D rating on the diamond color grading scale. To own a colorless real diamond, you have to be uber rich. If the stone carries an affordable price tag, it is Cubic Zirconia and not a real diamond.


Is the stone reflecting too much rainbow light? Despite the beauty of the colorful fire, it cannot be a real diamond. Unlike real diamonds, Cubic Zirconia emits less white flashes and more colored flashes of light. Compared to a diamond, Cubic Zirconia has a greater prismatic light dispersion rate.


Cubic Zirconia is a flawless stone. They have smooth rounded edges. Impurities are always present inside real diamonds. Real diamonds have sharp, clean and knife like edge.


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