Tips to have a healthy relationship

holding-hands1 Know yourself well. If you don’t know your likes and dislikes you will end up blaming your partner for everything that goes wrong. So spend some time on yourselves. If you do not know about yourselves, take a pen and paper and sit and write all your likes and dislikes. Ask your friends and relatives to write on your behavior. This will help you to know how you behave with various people at different circumstances.

Know that there is nobody who is perfect. Every person is filled with mistakes. Some may do little mistakes the others may do bigger mistakes. Realizing that, everyone can do mistakes helps you as a person to become better. This also helps to forgive yourselves and your spouse, when you come across difficult situations.

Have least expectations from your spouse. Expectations are the once which make you unhappy because your expectations will always be more than what you get. So keep least expectation from your spouse, so that anything better you get makes you happy and fill you with joy.

Don’t hide your feelings. If you do not like something about your spouse be quick to tell it out so that it can be rectified there and then itself. If you hide your feelings, one day these feelings will blast out and you may end up loosing that relationship.

When you speak be clear about what you want. Instead of being clear, don’t blame your spouse of not knowing what exactly you needed and which was never given to you? Your communication about anything should be absolutely crystal clear.

Remember every thing which has happened in your life should be a good learning experience for you. Learn lessons from even the smallest things which happens between you both and try not to repeat it, if it is going to harm the relationship.

When mistakes happen it is always good to confess your mistake than arguing on it. Arguments take you no where but hamper your relationship. So always confess your mistakes.

Be as truthful as possible to yourself and your partner. Lies will have to come to light any day. So avoid these lies. To hide one lie you will end up telling thousand lies.

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