Tips to Grow Mangrove in Aquarium

001mangrove While setting up an aquarium, you can consider including mangroves in the water tank. Mangroves would provide a natural breeding ground to several species of fish. Mangroves can become a part of freshwater aquarium, marine aquarium and brackish water aquarium. Among the several mangrove species, the Red Mangrove is most suitable for fish tanks.

Planting mangrove
After buying a mangrove propagule, you can fix it directly to the substrate of the aquarium. Tie the top of the propagule to the rocks, allowing the mangrove to remain firmly fixed to the gravel or sand of the aquarium bed. The roots of the mangrove will quickly strengthen their hold in the substrate of the aquarium. While planting a mangrove, ensure that the leaves and the buds remain above the water.

Mangrove care
Mangroves need magnesium for healthy growth. Magnesium deficiency will cause yellowing and wilting of the leaves and branches. The magnesium level in the fish tank should remain between 1000 and 1,300 ppm. Although, the plants receive the greater part of their nutrients from the tank water and fish food, but once every week, you can add some trace element supplement, which comprise of essential minerals, such as magnesium, manganese, iron and potassium, into the aquarium.

Since it is not possible to add pesticides in a fish tank, if you notice pest infestation in the mangroves, manually remove the affected leaves and branches. Twice or thrice every week, wipe the excess salt, which has accumulated on the leaves of the plants, with fresh water. Frequently remove the decaying leaves from the fish tank. To prevent the mangrove from becoming too tall, prune the growing tips of the plants.

Do not place the aquarium in direct sunlight. It is bad for the health of the mangrove as well as the fish. Sufficient daytime light entering through a window is enough for the growth of your aquarium mangrove. You can illuminate the interior of the aquarium with two fluorescent bulbs. Mangroves are tropical plants. Therefore, they cannot survive in freezing conditions.


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