Tips to Grow Anthurium

anthurium1 Anthurium

Anthurium is a plant that produces beautifully colored spathe and a tail like spike. The spathe can be of various colors and the spike will be red, yellow or cream in color. The spathe and the spike are together called flower of the anthurium. Anthurium flowers have long shelf life if they are treated carefully.

Points to be Taken Care for Anthurium Cultivation

1. Growing Medium

Anthurium prefers a growing medium that is well drained and coarse. It withstands sandy loam to clay soil but prefers a more organic soil that has good water holding capacity and at the same time it must have good drainage. Peat moss, coconut husk, brick pieces, pine bark, perlite etc are used along with the soil as growing medium.

2. Light

Anthurium prefers bright shaded light. It won’t with stand direct sunlight. Direct sun will burn the plant. If the amount of light is less then the plant won’t flower and its growth will stop slowly. Leaves of plants that get low light will become distorted.

3. Water

Anthurium needs water and it has to be dried before watering again. Too much drying of the plant will cease the plant growth and burns the tip of the plant. It also cause root damage. Excess watering result in rotting of the roots and it produces yellow leaves. Anthurium prefers a winter rest at 15degree C for about 6 weeks with little water. It helps the plant to bloom profusely in the next season.

4. Temperature

A temperature below 60 degree F will kill the plant. It will also affected by the temperature above 90 degree F. A high temperature will results in drying of the foliage and flowers and finally ends with the fading of the plant.

5. Humidity

Anthurium prefers humidity. It will enjoy frequent misting of the foliage. Other wise keep the plant in a tray having water and pebbles. Keep the anthurium pot on the pebbles and don’t allow the water to touch the pot.

6. Fertilizer

It prefers frequent fertilizing in small doses.  Liquid fertilizers and pellets are used for fertilizing the plant. Anthurium responds beautifully to the monthly fertilizing.

7. Re potting

Anthurium requires re potting annually. You can also divide the plant while re potting. Care must be taken that each part of the plant that you are separating must have healthy roots. The aerial roots produced are also need to be pruned and maintained.


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