Tips to do manicure at home

manicure1 Everybody wants good pair of hand and polished fingernails so that you can enhance your personality. Home manicure is an easiest way to achieve good nails without paying the higher prices in beauty stores. A regular manicure keeps you hands and nails in a good condition.

Manicure tips at home:

1. Give you nail consistent shape and smooth tip with the help of emery board. Use or work with one way strokes, start from the corner and going towards the tip. Smooth the tips of your nails in a uniform manner.

2. Wash your hands with water and dry them. With the help of acetone free remover and cotton, remove your old nail polish until your fingernails achieve a natural true color.

3. Take warm soapy water and add few drops of lemon juice and olive oil in it. Put your hands in it for four minutes. It will help to soften and clean your hand and dry them carefully. If you want to clean under the nail tips then dig your nails into soapy sponge.

4. If you feel cuticle looks like your fingernail and finger color but with a different smoother and softer texture, then Push your cuticle (soft skin that form at the bottom of your fingernails) back with the cuticle remover. Take care not to break the skin at this process.

5. Put your hand on a flat surface and brush the base coat to prevent the nails from staining. It will strengthen your nails and allows the polish to apply more smoothly.

6. Now pick a color according to your skin or outfit styles, then apply polish and start your brush from the base of fingernails and going towards the top tip of your nail and make sure that you coat your whole nail evenly.

7. Before applying a second coat, take a ten minute break or until first coat dry completely, then apply the polish on your nails in a same way.


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