Tips To Decline Arrange Marriage

7-broken-marriage-1 Arrange marriage or love marriage, declining a marriage proposal is difficult in many senses. It is not because you will be getting hurt in doing so, but because it will hurt the feelings of the people around you.

Situations may arise much to your discomfort which is difficult to tackle.

So what to do? If the need be of declining a proposal, do in a calm and disciplined manner.

In Case Of Arranged Marriage Proposal:

– Give indication to your family your not being interested in marriage right now. It will not give arise situations any further.

– Do not give into family pressure, no wonder where it is coming from. People try to emotionally blackmail.

– If things do not improve still, put your foot down. Let them know your career comes first. Marriage can wait for another few years.

– Maintain your composure. Do not break down or get emotional. This will make things hard for people around you.

In Case Of Love Marriage Proposal:

– Right at the outset, when relationship is heading towards commitment, drop hints regarding your take on marriages.

– Let him know that your career is more important than anything and that you are not willing to compromise for another few years maybe.

– If he still proposes you and you refuse, let him know that refusal does not mean end of the relation. If he loves you, he will be willing to wait. He should understand that you are not yet ready to walk down the aisle.

– Face the consequences of your words. It is not necessary all will be hunky-dory. You cannot gauge his reaction beforehand. The future of your relation from that point onwards depends on him. He may ask for separation or may not.

– Be prepared for any emotional outburst from his side. After all, he has a right to feel vulnerable; he may even take it as a betrayal. However, if both of you decide to stick together, give him his space. He will need time to sort things out.

– Lastly, do not feel guilty for the refusal. You made a choice, adhere to it.

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