Tips to curl your hair

curl-hair1 Curly hair gives you long and bouncy look. Nowadays this type of hair increased in popularity again and looks great on your body. If you want to curl your hair then chooses the right techniques or parlor is most important for you. Here are few tips which will help you to curl your hair easily.

1. Use hot rollers to curl your hair, allow the rollers to heat up properly and divide your hair into two inch section. Take a roller and put your hair in it (begin with the bottom layer) and leave it for 20 minutes. This treatment gives you perfect curly hair.

2. Wash your hair and blow dry until completely dry. Clip your hair back in multiple sections, then release one section and comb it to remove any tangles. Use a curling hair iron that has a barrel, then wrap your hair sections one by one around the heated barrel and hold it for 10 minutes. It will give you better and last longer curls.

3. You can also curl your hair by use a small round brush. Dampen your hair and place gel in it, then divide your hair into sections. Wrap one section of your hair around the brush and hold it for a minute, then use a large toothed comb to arrange the curls according to your style. It is one of the simple treatments and looks good all day long.

4. If you have a short hair and want to curl them, then put hair gel or mousse on it before use a small curling iron. If you have a fine hair, then use mousse that adds volume and fullness on your hair. Always be extra careful when you are using curling iron on your short hair.

Warnings: Extra careful at the time of use hot iron to avoid burning your skin, if you curl your hair on regular basis then use deep condition once a week and use thick iron for large & loose curls and skinny wand for tight & spiral curls.


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