Tips to Choose Footwear


Foot Wear

Foot wear plays an important role in protecting your feet. A proper foot wear may help you to avoid sore feet and many other problems including back pain. A perfect fit foot wear is essential to keep your feet beautiful and attractive. It also helps you to avoid slipping. There are different types of foot wears that are specially made for sports, thread mill, walking etc and they may have different capacity for absorbing the shock created while doing the exercise or walk. It may protect you from the strain of walking.

Tips to Select a Foot Wear

1. Decide the purpose for which you are going to use the foot wear. What will be convenient for you and which is more essential for you.

2. Try to have more than one pair of shoes and change your shoes on alternate days. This will help you to alter the posture of your foot and it will help to disseminate the body weight over a wide range of muscles and joints.

3. Select the foot wear made out of natural materials as it may help your foot to breathe. In normal your foot may sweat and it is necessary to have air circulation through your foot wear. While doing exercise the foot may sweat more and you must provide good quality foot wear for doing exercise.

4. If you are planning to do exercise like walking, running, jogging or playing badminton, cricket etc then this will exert more pressure on your foot and your foot may be prone to injury. So you have to select shoes that have shock absorbing quality and that is specially made for exercise purpose. This may help you to avoid injuries to your feet.

5. For working in hard surfaces like concrete you have to adopt shoes that have soft soles and also with inner soles. This is because the hard surfaces will create problems to your forefoot and heels. Some times it may cause swelling and inflammation too. There are shoe inserts available in the market which may help you with more support and comfort. There are specially designed shoe insert to rectify individual problems.

6. You can contact chiropodist or podiatrist if you have any problem with your foot. They can advise you the proper management for your foot and will recommend you the best foot wears that you can have depending on your situations.


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