Tips to Check the Engine Oil Level in Your Car

engine-oil-car One of the important steps in your car maintenance is checking the level of oil in the engine of your car. If the engine doesn’t have enough oil then it may lead to wear and tear. It may even cause serious problems. It is ideal to check the engine oil twice in a month.

Tips to Check the Oil

1. First of all you have to park your vehicle on a flat surface and check the oil level when the engine is cold. There will be hood release lever beneath the dashboard and you need to pull the lever to open the hood.

2. Now you have to find out the latch below the hood and squeeze it and open the hood.

3. Search for the dip stick which is a long metal piece with a loop at one end and will be sticking out of the engine. Normally you can see it at the center of the engine and it will be colored brightly or marked with the letters “oil”.

4. Pull the dip stick out by holding on its loop and take it out. Use a shop rag or paper towel to clean the stick and then put back the stick in its position and push it to the deep. Again pull back the dip stick and keep it horizontally before you.

5. The dip stick will be marked with a line called full. Check the level up to which the oil reached on the dip stick. If it is below the line called full then you have to add sufficient quantity of oil. Certain dip sticks may have two lines with cross lines in between. In such cases the level of oil should be in between the two.

6. For adding oil first you have to unscrew the oil filler cap that can be seen on the top of the engine. It will have marking called “Engine oil”. Add only small quantities of oil and check the level with dip stick. If the level is less then add little more oil and check it again. It will be difficult to take out the excess oil.

7. Once you reached the level then close the filler cap tightly and also the hood.


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