Tips to Build Lower Chest Muscle

001chest-muscle If you want to build an attractive overall chest then good lower chest muscle is very important for you. It will make your chest more beautiful.

1. Decline bench press:

Lie on a decline bench press and hold the bar with a medium hand grip. Upper the bar over your head and extend it until arms are nearly locked. Lower the bar to nipple area and feel a good stretch in the lower chest muscle.

2. Decline dumbbell press:

Lie on a decline bench and grab the dumbbells in each hand. Hold the dumbbells above your shoulder height. Upper the weights to the top of your head and feel a good contraction in your chest muscle. Now lower the dumbbells and get back to the starting point.
Exhale while you apply a force and perform before triceps.

3. Pullovers:

Lie across on a bench, so that your head is hanging. Grad the dumbbell with both hand and get it straight over your chest. Now lower the dumbbell as far as possible and get a good stretch in your rib cage, then raise it back to the starting point.

4. Decline dumbbell flys:

It is just like the regular dumbbell flys, but you should decline the bench at 45 degree. It is one of the best exercises to build your lower chest muscle.

5. Lower chest work out sample:

a. In starting do 5 minutes cardio and stretching,

b. 4 set each of decline bench press and pullovers.

c. Bench push ups and takes enough rest for next workout.


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