Tips to Build a Strong Support Group

001support-group To succeed in life and to overcome failure, you need a strong support system. People near you and around you, who form the core of your support group, would give you the necessary impetus to move forward in life. We consider friends around us as the individuals who would support us in time of need. However, sooner or later in your life you will realize that most of the people close to you, were actually your fair weather friends. Therefore, you should cautiously build your own support group.

Include real friends
A friend in need is a friend indeed. Rely on people who are always willing to lend their support in bad times. However, we have often seen that a friend, who shared your woes, became envious once you succeeded. These types of people consider pitying others as a form of glorifying their greatness. A real friend will not pity you, but will consider your loss as his own loss, and your success as her own success. Only include these real friends in your support group.

Unconditional support
Rely on people who will give you unconditional support. If self-interest is the covert or overt reason for a person to support you, you cannot safely rely on such a person for a long time.

Love your support group
Bind the members of your support group through love. To win the hearts of others, you should love them unconditionally. Just as your support group revels in your success, you should enjoy their accomplishments. Just as your support group members are saddened by your failure, you should also morn their loss.

Equal treatment
Treat every member of your support group equally. At no time, a member should think that someone else is receiving a favorable treatment.

Encourage criticism
Flattery is not a desired quality of a strong support group. You should be open to criticism from members of your support group. Positive criticism would help you to improve in life.

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