Tips to becoming a Good Team Member

team-member The Cambridge Dictionary defines a team as people working together as a group in order to achieve something’. Thus, it is very essential for the members of a team to become effective to achieve the goal or aim of the team. An effective team member is one who contributes positively to the team, and can be depended upon in all kinds of situations. Being a good team member also helps to keep the environment at the work place healthy and congenial.

Here are a few tips to help you become an effective member of the team:


It is very essential to know your role in the job that has been sketched. Learn your work and respect the code of behavior associated with your work. It also helps if you are aware of the roles played by the other team members. While working together keeping these points in mind help to plan and work together more effectively.

Keep commitments:

Never promise anything that you cannot deliver and once you have committed to something adhere to it. If a commitment is unrealistic say a ‘no’ to it and remember to give an explanation for the refusal and if possible give an alternate solution.

A good listener:

One important requisite for becoming a good team member is to be a good listener. Try to listen to the thoughts, ideas, and constructive discussions of the other members of the team without protesting or cutting them in the middle. This not just helps you to understand the others but also helps you to find the best of the alternatives to doing a job. Also learn to be patient while dealing with the others.

Flexibility and Friendly approach:

Your flexible attitude towards the others will help you to grow a healthy rapport with them. A friendly approach will also make the office environment more congenial. Be friendly and smile more at them. You will be surprised to find what a positive influence it can be on the whole group. Compliment a member for his good work. This will motivate him/her to work better. You can also offer help once you have completed your share of the work. Chances are this action of yours will be reciprocated when you require help.


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