Tips to be good Radio Jockey

oa Do you aspire to be a radio jockey someday? Well, wish you all the best. However, do you know, what are the attributes essential to be a successful RJ? If not that here I am to suggest you some tips on the same.

The first and the foremost quality required to be a successful RJ is to be talkative. You should be capable of talking on any and every topic given to you. However, make sure that whatever you speak off conveys a touch of intelligence and sensibility. If you are fond of talking and interacting with people, than this can be a good career option for you anytime.

To be a RJ is not an easy task, here every word you speak is important. You go live and you are on a public entertainment mode. Thus, you have certain responsibilities towards the society. However, you need to be very spontaneous and entertaining but in the same time, you should speak relevance.

A RJ should be very well aware of the culture, city and people he is communicating with. Language is the major concern. Thus, if you want to be the radio jockey than it is mandatory on your part to know the language of the country you are working in properly.

Do not be a copycat. You should be original and try to develop your own style. Here style does not mean in terms of looks but in terms of your personality. People will know you with your voice and that should be your style statement. You will have to attract the mass with your speech and your voice. Thus, you can always add the extra spice to your show with weapons like mimicry, comic punches, subtle humor, etc. This will keep your show going.

Voice is an essential factor for being an RJ. It is popularly said that RJ’s earn by selling their voice and their speech. Be flexible in terms of your voice. This is your only weapon to attract your audience. Thus, utilize it properly by modulating it or by creating variations whenever required. Do not let it get monotonous, as that will result in losing audience.

You should be very prompt and diplomatic. Mistakes are common. However, as you are live in air you should stay prepared to handle them tactfully. Do not loose your guts in the moment instead either acknowledge it or handle it diplomatically.

If you want to be a good RJ, you just need to follow some of your idols. No training institute will make you perfect in terms of RJ. You can do it yourself with good practice, inspiration form your role model and some inbuilt qualities.


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