Tips to Avoid Sore Nipples While Breast-Feeding

nipples-sore Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience for both mother and baby. But many of the mothers face the problem of sore nipples and many of then stop breast feeding because of this reason. But we must appreciate that breast milk impart immunity to your child. Also if you discontinue breast feeding suddenly then it may cause engorgement of your breast which will be more painful than a sore nipple. The very best treatment for sore nipples is to avoid getting it.

Tips to Avoid Sore Nipples

1. If the baby is not latched properly then it may cause sore nipples. A baby should suck the breast with its head slightly tilted up and this will make the nipple to hit the roof of the mouth. Then the baby has to take the whole nipple including the areola. All this will prevent the baby from biting the nipple.

2. If you want to detach the baby from feeding then never pull the nipple out from its mouth. You have to insert your little finger in to the corner of your baby’s mouth and thus break the sucking. Otherwise it will hurt you more.

3. You have to use comfortable bra which is not tight to plug the ducts. If you feel friction between the bra and the nipple then place a soft cotton nursing pad in the area. This will protect your nipple from friction and also absorbs the leaks.

4. After feeding spread a few drops of your milk over your nipple and allow it to air dry. This will protect your skin from getting cracks. If possible keep your breast uncovered for sometime every day because air circulation will keep you away from infections.

5. Most of the babies will have a teething pain and you can ease this prior to feeding by giving them some teething toys or gel to the gum. Then they might not bite you while feeding. Certain babies will bite the nipple towards the end of their feed. So you have to identify the time when your baby slows down the sucking and detach him accordingly.

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