Tips To Apply Blusher

blusher Since you cannot enhance your beauty by constantly blushing naturally, therefore to make you appear pretty blusher is an important makeup item. There are different varieties and colors of blushers. You should choose a blusher according to your complexion and age, compatible with the rest of your facial makeup.

Types of blushers

There are three types of blushers – powder blushers, cream blushers and gel blushers. Powder blushers are most popular. They can be applied easily and last for a long time. Powder blushers can be applied on all skin types, but it is ideal for women with oily skins. It helps to cover up uneven skin tones, blemishes and rough spots.

Cream blushers are preferred largely by women with dry skins. It reduces the dry course appearance of the skin. However, for best results, cream blushes should only be applied on smooth skin. If there are fine lines, wrinkles on your skin, the cream will accentuate these crevices.

Teenagers and young women frequently apply gel blushers. Blush gels create a more natural look, producing a hint of the color on the cheeks. It is suitable for women with flawless skin, creating a natural glow. If you have blemishes, first cover it up with a concealer, before applying the gel blusher.

Blusher color

You should choose a blusher color according to your complexion and age. While teens can go for vibrant colors, older women should apply colors that make them graceful. Plain and light colors make fair skins appear dull. Women with fair complexion can use pink or mauve colors. Red shades are suitable during evening parties. Women with dark complexion should opt for lighter shades of shinning blushers or dark shades of plain color.

Blusher application

Apply the blusher on your cheekbone, extending it towards your ear. Fade the shade gradually as you work away from the cheekbone towards the ear. After applying the blusher, if it appears too loud, brush compact over it.


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