Tips on Taking Care of your Vehicle During Winter

vehicle During winter your car also requires special attention and care. It is important to make your car winter ready before the onset of winters. There are various ways of winterizing your vehicle. They include:

Checking the battery levels:

If the battery of your car is more than five years old, a mechanic must perform a load test on the battery. This is because low battery can freeze during winters whereas a fully charged battery will not freeze. A strong battery will enable the car start up easily on cold mornings. Even a new battery should be checked before the onset of winter as the cold weather is harsh on car batteries. Hence the battery has to be strong and the connections should be tight and free of corrosion. When starting up the car on the heater and the lights and turn off the window defrosters to minimize strain on the battery.

Checking the tyres:

In winters one must keep a check on the wear and tear of the tyres. If it snows in your area then it is advisable to go in for studded snow tyres that are designed to have a grip on wet roads. Moreover one must also pay attention to the tyre pressure. During winter months, the tyre pressure must be checked frequently.

Checking the fluids:

During winter months one must check the radiator coolant of the car. The antifreeze concentration in your car’s coolant system should be optimal. The amount of antifreeze needs to be more in the coolant system during winter. In order to keep your vehicle in top working condition, one must put new antifreeze in the cooling system every two years. Care must also be taken to change the oil and filter after every thousand miles. You may also opt in for winter weight oil.

Checking the brakes:

Brakes are the most important in a car and are synonymous to safety. Make sure brakes are in proper working order in the winter season.

Checking the gas tank:

One must take care to keep the gas tank at least half full during the cold climate. If you will be parking your car for lengthy periods, fill up the tank as this will prevent fuel line from freezing-up.

Checking the headlights:

During dark winter months make sure that the headlights, tail lights and turn signals are in top working order and shine brightly. One must also check that the headlights are properly aimed. Change the burned out lights of your vehicle. Moreover one must check the exterior and interior lights of the car and keep them in working order.

Checking the defrosters and wipers:

During winter it is important to make sure that the heaters, defrosters and wipers of the car work properly. One may use winter wiper blades and also use cold weather washer fluid in the car. Ideally the wiper blades should be checked and replaced every six – eight months.

Moreover check the cars fuel, air and transmission filters. Also check the exhaust system for carbon monoxide leaks. Keep a winter emergency kit in your vehicles containing a first aid kit, extra batteries, window washer fluid, ice scraper, phone charger, torch, etc. in case you are stranded. Avoid using the cruise control on icy or wet roads as you may lose control of the car. With a little care you can take care of your vehicle and also reach your destination safely during the winter. DRIVE SAFELY!


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