Tips on Safe Driving

driving-tips Safe driving is extremely important. Because when you drive rashly you not only put your life at stake but also others on the road. That is why every nation follows a strict set of rules to make sure that no chaos and accidents happen on the road. Some of the tips on safe driving are given below. Read on to know more.

On hills

While driving downhill, do not apply brakes is possible. Rather make use of the engine brake i.e the lower gear. If you overuse the foot brake it may lead to complete stoppage of the working of the brake. Always give primacy to vehicles going uphill.

While driving on hills you need to be extremely careful. Make sure to put the correct gear before going up or driving down the hill. Never try to overtake near or at the bends this is extremely dangerous. Use dipper and horn whenever required.

On wet roads
It is advised to drive in low gears, don’t change gear too often and control the speed of the vehicle using clutch while driving in water logged areas. To avoid water getting in the exhaust pipe keep the accelerator pressed.

On wet roads too you need to be very careful and drive carefully. Before driving on the wet road especially during rainy seasons, ensure that your tires, wipers and brakes are in good condition. You need to be more cautious when it is the first downpour. Because dust and mud that previously covered the road now forms a slippery layer reducing the grip of the tier.

While Stopping
When you want to stop your vehicle do not apply brakes immediately but first slow down and then stop. As you are slowing down pull over your vehicle towards the left side of the road. Once the car has stop do not abruptly flung the door open. Always check if any other vehicles are coming near to yours, only if there is a safe distance then open the door. As much as possible open only the left doors.


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