Tips on Resolving Conflict in Relationships

conflict-in-relationships After the initial infatuation stage in a relationship, you realize your partner is not perfect, and you may start to have arguments. Whether they lied or are simply getting on your nerves, there are effective ways to approach arguments that do not threaten your relationship. Never try to avoid a grievance that you may have with your partner, as this will lead to resentment.

However, remember that when you are about to have conflict with your partner that you still love this person and should not approach them in an aggressive way. Aggression only closes the lines of communication. To learn how to do this, just read and practice these little tips and you will never have to have a screaming match with your partner again.

Tips on Resolving Conflict in Relationships

• The art of compromise is underrated and is an art that must be practiced before you get good at it. Compromise turns an argument that you either win or lose into an opportunity to learn about your partner. Ask them what they need and tell them what you need, and then evaluate what you each can live with. Approaching conflict in this way will foster a nurturing and considerate relationship, and make you both feel loved and understood. If you feel like you cannot talk to your partner a calm way, take a breather until you can talk to your partner effectively. These are the basic points you need to remember.
o Give and take a little
o Try to incorporate all needs into the solution.
o Always take the other’s needs into consideration and not just focus on your own.

• Capitulation is to try doing it someone else’s way; let them take the lead. This will be very hard, and I speak from personal experience, for someone who likes to control life, but it can be a wonderful learning experience. By letting your partner take the lead in the argument and asking what they need, it will release the tension. However, just like with compromise, you both have to practice and take turns with this skill. Do not let someone take the lead if you feel like your needs are being set aside. Only do this when both of your needs have been discussed.

• Co-existence will probably be one of the biggest obstacles you encounter in your relationship, and it will surely spur some anger. After you have been living together for a while, you will notice things about the person that you never saw before. Maybe they are a slob, maybe they hog the remote, or maybe they don’t respect your space. Whatever it may be (no matter how small) it will start to get to you after awhile. This will also bring in that compromise skill that you learned earlier. Agree to terms about living together, and if your partner feels like you are not respecting their space, you need to discuss how to resolve that problem.

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