Tips On Marketing Home Based Business

homebased You know what a home business is and how to earn money from it. But there is another thing which forms a link between business and money (profit); it is called ‘marketing’. You may have an incredible product/s to start a business with but if it does not reach the market, then how are you going to earn?

Few months ago I read an article online which emphasized the same problem- a woman had a great product but almost zero sales per month. Somebody advised her on a marketing company and within 2 months, her product was selling like hot cakes! Do you want the same benefits?

If yes, right away search on marketing companies and employ one to do the marketing of your product. But if you cannot pay for marketing right now, then I guess you have to start with own marketing.

How To Do Marketing:

1. There are thousands of free classified websites wherein you just need to sign up (2 minutes) and post ads on your product and its use in the relevant section. Know what market you are aiming at and shoot!

2. Open a blog on It’s free to start and easy to operate. Post articles (not sales letters) about the product and its benefits on that site. Include other products too by becoming an affiliate for the time being which will help to pull traffic especially if the other product is popular. This will give you a double income- your product and the other product you are endorsing.

3. Join forums on products similar to yours, take participation in the discussions and leave links to your products. Interested parties will surely come about. This is also a type of advertising.

4. Visit other blogs too and comment on their products. They would surely link back to your blog if the product sparks their interest. This will increase sales if the product is that interesting.

The trick is to create demand by as much marketing. If there is demand, you just need to supply. Simple economics!


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