Tips for writing love letters

love-letters1 If you are looking for a way to say what you really feel to someone you love, a letter is your best bet. It even may be for someone who knows how you feel for them, but a letter will always put a smile on his or her face. Whatever the purpose may be, writing a letter and putting down on paper what you really feel can be such a liberating feeling. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

The start: Most people give up the idea of writing a letter because they don’t know how to start it. The easiest way to start is by writing down why exactly you are writing one. The reason may not be very important. It may be as simple as you missing your loved one. What ever the reason is make it clear at the very beginning. This will make the reader comfortable as they start to read.

Content: Be sincere. Do not manipulate what you want to write. Just let the ink flow and you will have so much to say. It may sound silly to you but you cannot write one if you don’t let go of your inhibitions. Include a special moment which you shared with your loved one and say how you felt at that moment. It will tie your letter to the past and carry more weight.

Use your own words: Avoid trying to think of a better poetic way to say it. Just say simply in your own words what you want to say. This way your letter will not sound awkward and insincere. Read it once before you send it. Make it sweet, simple and true and you will definitely receive a hug or a kiss for your letter.

P.S: Do not write very mushy stuff or refer to anything physical if it is a declaration of love for the first time. It might scare them off!

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