Tips for Treatment of Dandruff

dandruff-treatment Dandruff is cause by internal and external factors. For treating dandruff, you treat both of these kinds of factors.

Dandruff treatment can be divided into two categories: External and internal.

External Treatment: Use anti-dandruff or anti-fungal shampoos to wash your hair. To prevent flaking of scalp, massage with oil, before shampoo. Another important task is to stay away from excessive use hair styling agents like hair sprays, hair gels, coloring products and others. Also reduce the usage of heating equipments like hair straightners, hair curlers etc. taking proper care of hair hygiene is the very important part of treatment. Wash hairs regularly and rinse with plenty of clean water after shampoo.

Internal Treatment:

Intake of Proper Diet: This is the most vital part of dandruff treatment regimen. You diet should include all the nutrients needed for skin in adequate quantity. You must include lots of fresh fruits and green vegetable sin your daily food. To prevent the scalp skin from drying and to keep the skin hydrated, drink plenty of water daily. Take proper rest which means sleeping properly for 7-8 hours at night. Avoid excessive intake of sugar, fat, starch, slat and alcohol as they seem to aggravate the dandruff condition.

Avoid Stress: You can practice yoga and meditation to reduce the stress.

Consulting the dermatologist:If you are unable to treat dandruff from any of the above methods then you can go to dermatologist. He may prescribe some oral medicines to treat your problem of dandruff.

Home Remedies for Dandruff Treatment: There are some effective home remedies for treating dandruff which are free of any side effect and in fact improve the texture of your hairs.

Treating with Curd: Curd is commonly available ingredient. Just take enough quantity of curd needed for applying on your hair and mix it with juice of half lemon. Apply this on scalp and hair and leave for half an hour. Then wash it properly with clean water.
Olive Oil Treatment: Mix olive oil and honey in 3:1 ratio. Apply this mixture over your scalp and steam your hair by wrapping a hot wet towel. The use mild shampoo to wash it.


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