Tips For Parents To Help A Hyperactive Child

hyperactive-child1 When a child tends to be excitable and exuberant to the level of making the enthusiasm look like an abnormality, the child can be said to be existing in a physical state of hyperactivity.

A hyperactive child suffers from ADHD- attention deficit hyperactive disorder- and it can be very difficult for that child to lead a ‘normal’ life.

Symptoms Of Hyperactivity:

– Sudden short attention span (ADHD);

– Very impulsive behaviour;

– Emotional turmoil;

– Biting nails;

– Aggressive behaviour towards peers

The above five symptoms occur in natural conditions.

Causes Of Hyperactivity:

– Onset of puberty;

– Sexual abuse;

– Psychological issues;

– Depression;

– Mania;

– Overactive thyroid;

– Poisoning (esp. lead)

– Anxiety;

– Lack of sleep

How Can Parents Help?

1. The foremost step for parents to take is to UNDERSTAND and become AWARE on hyperactivity and why your child is hyperactive. Hyperactive children need special care to handle. They are not like ‘normal’ children. Sometimes handling them can be frustrating but surely as parents you do not want to abandon them.

2. Take a look at the child’s diet. It is believed that excessive intake of sugar or sweetened products in any form are harmful for a hyperactive child as well as it can lead to the onset of hyperactivity. Reduce intake of carbohydrates too as they increase the serotonin level that tends to effect concentration and attention in students. Increase protein content in foods by manifold.

3. The educational institution the child is sent to must be sensitive towards the needs of the child. Remember they require special attention as they can get destructive at times. The teachers should be informed beforehand about the child’s mental condition so that they can take proper precautions.

4. Parents must try to maintain a peaceful environment at home. Circumstances where parents and siblings are fighting all the time will make the child more aggressive, hyperactive and build emotional turmoil inside.

5. Consult doctors and start ADHD medication. It helps a lot but keep in mind the side effects too.


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