Tips for first date

first-date1 First date means you are going into relationship, so don’t take it as a fun trip. It is the best time to gauge your chemistry, compatibility and communication. You can also evaluate other person whether they fit into your life or not. If you don’t want to make common mistakes on your first date, then try out these tips.

1. Simple & Interesting:

Keep everything simple and chose simple & beautiful place for hang out instead going to disc or pub. Start your conversation with light topics like ask his/her family background or about films and hobbies, but don’t ask any question relating to their past relationship. Make some interesting plan like watching romantic movie, surprise gift and candlelight dinner. It will show that you are nice, intelligent and flexible person.

2. Dress or clothes:

Wear those clothes in which you feel comfortable and look presentable or nice. Sprinkle good perfume on your clothes, so that you smell nice. Don’t wear seductive and provocative clothes, it will give wrong impression that you are only looking for physical relationship.

3. Honest & be yourself:

Don’t tell lie about anything, give each & every detail with about your life with honesty. If he/she asked any question then give your answer in an honest and friendly manner. Be yourself and don’t try to create any kind of good impression through wrong manner. Show him good aspects and inner picture of your personality.  Openly talk about your interests when the conversation goes your way, but at same time be attentive and show interest in him.

4. Don’t get physical:

On a first date keep your physical contacts only between eyes. It’s too early to do anything like casual sex or holding hands. It will become an obstacle on the road to real commitment. At the end of the date a kiss or hug is fine, but only if it feels right.

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