Tips for daily Bodycare

bcc It has been noticed very often that people are more concerned about their faces and other parts which are visible, than their entire body. They ignore the fact that even their body needs to be taken good care of like their faces and hair. Not only beautiful face and hair, one should possess the desire to have a well maintained and good looking body as well.

Here are some tips to take care of the different parts of your body in order to help you achieve beauty in totality.

Early in the morning when you wake up, the best practice is to brush your teeth, clean your tongue and wash your face properly. Wash your mouth every time you eat something. This will protect your teeth from cavity and plaque and will prevent mouth odor. However, you should brush your teeth twice a day i.e. both in the morning and at night.

Always clean yourself well once you excrete your daily waste in order to prevent fungus infections and other skin problems. Recharge you system early in the morning with at least two glasses of water in empty stomach and eat something at least after 1-hour minimum time.

Applying body oil at least two to three hours before bathing is a good practice, as it will leave your body skin shinning and smooth. While you oil your body try to reach out to the areas, which are not easily accessible like the back portion of your body.

You can also ask someone to help you. While you oil yourself, massage your breasts well to keep them tight and in shape. Take some oil in your hand and apply on your breasts pushing them upwards. This will keep them firm and at the same time prevent them from having dry skin.

Make sure you take a bath regularly. This will keep your energetic and refreshing. Always use lukewarm water while bathing and you can also mix some good bathing oil to the water you use for the bath.  Scrub yourself well while bathing and do not use any rough scrubber.

Try to use a body shampoo instead of soap, as they are generally mild in nature. Scrub the entire body properly including your back, buttocks, thighs, knees, elbows, etc. Avoid using soap on your facial skin. Instead, you can use a mild face wash or apply some home remedies like a natural cleanser made out of milk and orange peel powder. Use a soft towel to wipe yourself and avoid pressing your skin hard.

After you cleanse your self now its time to moisturize. Use a good and effective body moisturizer. Apply it on al parts of your body including breasts, stomach, thighs, back, buttocks, etc. This will keep the entire body smooth and tight and will prevent you from ageing fast. Wash and moisturize the delicate regions as mentioned at least twice a day.


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