Tips for Comfortable Commuting

commuting Commuting is a dayto day activity. Everybody has to move out for work. With increase in traffic and crowd, commuting has become problematic. In some of the cities the public transportation is not that effective while in other cities there is too much of rush. Commuting has become very stressful as a result of congestion on the roads and lack of suitable means for commuting. Commuting problems can be solved using following measures.

1- Car Pooling- Car pooling is an effective measure to solve commuting problems. Car pooling saves expenses on commuting, Moreover you get good company while commuting to your work. A car can be hired for car pooling otherwise a private car can be used for the purpose.

2- Use the Most Suitable Conveyance for Commuting- Understand your requirements and accordingly choose a conveyance which most suits to your needs. It can be a public transport or it can be your own private vehicle.

3- Avoid Rush Hours- If you can avoid rush hours then do so. Travelling during rush hours is always difficult and time consuming. So its better to plan out in advance and use such a time for commuting where you can avoid the rush hour.

4- Use Rail System- Many cities have well developed rail system. Its a very good idea to use the rail system instead of commuting by other means. The timing of the rail system is better compared to other means and also the costs are comparatively cheaper.

5- Use a two wheeler Instead of a four wheeler- A two wheeler is more fuel efficient then a four wheeler, Moreover the congestion on the road is much less if there are more two wheeler on the roads.

6- Use a Road Which is Less Travelled- Using such a road will be very comfortable and you will reach your destination in time. Using the most appropriate road helps in comfortable commuting.

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