Tips For Clean Laundry

cll There are numerous ways to keep the clothes clean and stain free. Hmm…The fragrance that you get when the clothes are put to dry in the sunlight! Clean, fresh and lovely are the three words I think of as I picture this scene.

Clothes reflect an individual’s personality. Nice clothes will not only make you feel good and nice about yourself, but they will also have a positive impact on your personality.

For instance, at times a coordinated outfit could be the only factor differentiating two individuals attending an interview with similar skill and experience. This factor is not only restricted to an interview, but it can also improve your communication skills as clothes are the first thing that individuals notice before having a conversation.

If you are still not satisfied with your professional and personal life, dump all the depression in the bucket and rinse them forever.
Following are some of the tips for clean laundry which will make washing clothes a less painstaking job:

Laundry Tips:

While washing clothes with dark shades for the first time, add salt in cold water to prevent the color from fading.

Use cold water and a gentle soap to wash clothes that strictly mention dry cleaning on the tags.

Dry clothes inside out to avoid fading.

Use netted bags to wash smaller clothes such as socks.

Wash badly stained clothes in warm water.

Place delicate clothes inside a pillowcase and wash it at home by tying its mouth.

This bag can then be washed in the machine with cold water using the regular method.

Study the instructions carefully before washing clothes in your machine.

Do not soak the clothes overnight unless they are badly stained.

Cleaning tips:

Following are some of the tips that will help you get rid of stains in your clothes:

Blood stains: If there are fresh bloodstains on your clothing, wash it immediately with cold water. In case of dry stains, wash the clothing by using hydrogen peroxide on the stain.

Chocolate stains: If chocolate marks are visible even after laundering, make a paste of borax and water and soak the cloth for one hour and wash it again.
These are some of the tips for clean laundry.


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