Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Skin Moisturized

moisturizer-on-skin1 The Best Thing for Your Skin Care

A daily routine of moisturizing your skin is important.  Using a moisturizer every day is a necessary ritual.

If you want to look more youthful then it is important to take good care of your skin and this starts with a good moisturizing regime. It does not matter how old or the kind of skin issue you may have; a glowing skin is one that is properly moisturized.

Some of the Better Moisturizing Products

Waxy moisturizers are mostly water free and all oil which makes them thick.  These are called Balms.  When your skin is extra-dry this product is an excellent choice for your skin.

Another choice of thick moisturizing product is creams which are mostly oil but do have some water in the mixture.  Most American females do not like ‘heavy’ night-creams.  The consistency can be rather gooey and therefore undesirable but there are other versions that are much lighter.  These really do well with the drier skin issues or just on a regular type skin.

Most American women gravitate toward lotions for moisturizing and for applying makeup foundations.  Most lotions are also in cream form.  Lotions are a good choice for the more normal skin type or those that are just a little oily.

When it comes to apply a moisturizer to the face, there are certain plant oils and also certain animal oils that work so well on the face that there is no oily residue as they get absorbed by the skin easily.  The best oils will actually soak into the skin of the face so well the skin will feel like it is plumped up and still not be oily or greasy to the touch or in appearance.

The final choice might be using a gel that is for the most part free of any oil.  Gels do not moisturize as well as the creams but because they are almost without oil there is no danger of choking the pores of the skin which is a big plus for women who have really oily skin.


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