Things that Stunt the Growth Of Breasts

breast-growth Have you ever heard of such a thing- of foods stunting the growth of breasts? Well it does exist in reality. Some foods do have an effect on breasts. Even if you do lots of exercises (remember that excessive amount of exercises is harmful for proper breast growth) and stretching, watch what goes in the stomach. One of the main and major foods that stop the growth is ‘meat’ (quite shocking for the non-vegetarians). But it is true.

Why meat?

To cater to the huge demand of meat worldwide, the people who rear the animals for consumption give doses of excesses hormones, testosterone and estrogen, to the animals. The hormones make the cows and chickens grow fatter and bigger, and that too with speed.

While the hormones prove beneficial for the market, they are a bane for the woman’s body. Too much estrogen can make the estrogen receptors in the breasts to stop working and too much testosterone hormone puts a stop to growing breasts. Not only meat but the secondary products such as milk and other dairy products do the same too.

Meats do contain the protein needed for growing years but the unnecessary amount of hormones is not required at all. So what to do to avoid the unwanted hormones? Watch what you eat. Change the diet if one is specially dependant on meat only. Have more fibers so that it can balance the hormones.

Start consuming organic foods- either vegetarian or non vegetarian. Try fishes too; they do not have hormones. It has also been found that wearing a bra at the time of sleeping stunts the breast growth. This is because it is tight and it exerts pressure on the blood flow causing it to restrict the path. Therefore, it is beneficial not to wear any bra while sleeping at night.

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