The Most Popular Attractions of Buenos Aires

buenos-aires1 Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. This ninth largest city of the world, despite its commercialization and modern architecture, still maintains a considerable amount of the old world charm. The attractions of this Argentine city are quite vast. The longer time you spend in this city, you will get a greater opportunity to explore its nooks and corners.

If you are in Buenos Aires only for a day or two, you should visit at least the Caminito Street Museum, the Colon Theatre and the Casa Rosada to catch a slice of the city’s popular culture and tradition.

Caminito Street Museum

Established in 1959, this is an open-air art museum and art market of Buenos Aires. The colorfully painted pedestrian area is dotted with beautiful buildings and stores from where you could buy lovely artifacts and souvenirs. This street is also famous for hosting open-air tangos. No entry fee is charged and the museum is open throughout the week between 10AM and 6PM.

Colon Theater

Buenos Aires is renowned for its popular performing art. The Teatro Colon or the Colon Theatre is the hub of cultural activities of the city. Since 1908, this theatre has hosted a large number of ballets, operas and classical music programs. A guided tour of the theatre would lead you through the theatre workshops. The museum of the theatre has exhibitions of the models of the sets used in the performances. You will also get an opportunity to watch the costume makers, wig makers and set builders busy with their task.

Casa Rosada

This is the resident of the Argentine President and the headquarters of the country’s government. The first floor balcony on the northern part of this pink building is used by the leaders of the country to address the crowd that gathers in front of its. The noted Argentine President Eva Peron had once used this balcony to speak to her supporters.

If you have come to Buenos Aires on a longer trip then you could visit many of its other attractions.


In this major quarter of the city, you will find a number of museums, such as the Historical Museum of Sarmiento, Libero Badii Museum, Museum of the Spanish Art of Enrique Larreta, Museum House of Yrurtia and the Museum of the National Institute Sanmartiniano. The Japanese Garden is a popular park located in this region. Here you will also find several shops and restaurants.

La Boca

This region of Buenos Aires should not be missed by football lovers, because located here is the Boca Juniors soccer club.


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