Tests and Treatment of Gonorrhoea

da Being that a serious medical condition that Gonorrhoea is, it would be advisable for all those who have multiple sexual partners or those who have/had unprotected sex to get a test done for it.

There are a number of tests available today for the diagnosis of Gonorrhoea.None of these are painful but one might feel a little uncomfortable. Basically, there are three types of tests avaible for this:

SWAB SAMPLE: In this, a swab is collected from the urethra, cervix, anus or throat or any part of the body that might be infected and this
is sent to the lab for testing.

URINE SAMPLE: Here, urine sample is taken to be sent for tests in the labs. It is important in this case not to visit the toilet for at least
three hours before the sample is taken. This is done for diagnosing Gonorrhoea of the cervix or urethra.

GRAM STAIN: This test is better for men. In this case, a sample from the urethra or the cervix is taken in a clinic or doctor’s office itself
and it is placed on a slide and stained with dye. The doctor then tests the slide under a microscope for the bacteria.

Once Gonorrhoea is diagnosed, one must not keep it unattended because it might lead to serious health complications. The treatment for this is
simple. There are a number of antibiotics available to treat this condition. Usually penicillin in a single, high dose is administered through injection. And if the patient is allergic to penicillin there are other medications that are available. Oral medications are also given.

These days some penicillin-resistant bacteria are also found and in that case your physician is going to prescribe you a different set of drugs. After a few days a follow-up test is required to see whether the condition has improved. Even if your symptoms are cured do not stop the prescribed medication unless your doctor asks you to else the symptoms might recur.

While you are undergoing treatment it is best to refrain from sex till your doctor gives you the signal and it would be advisable to get your partner/s undergo these tests for it is quite probable that even they are infected.

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