Symptoms and treatment for Gastritis

gastritis-white1 Gastritis is very common and is a condition which many of us have to deal with on a day to day basis. Here’s how to know when you are suffering from gastritis and various ways in which it can be treated.


The most common symptom of gastritis is a burning sensation in the stomach. Nausea, lack of appetite, vomiting, weight loss and belching could also be signs of gastritis. Some patients of gastritis experience a feeling of fullness in their upper abdomen after eating. Some cases of gastritis cause stomach bleeding which result in vomiting blood or passing black stools.


Finding the cause. There are many ways in which gastritis can be treated and the treatment lies in finding the cause of it. If it is caused by NSAID’S (Non- steroid anti- inflammatory drugs) or alcohol the use of these have to be stopped immediately. Gastritis caused by infections such as H.pylori need to be treated for eradicating the bacteria from the stomach with antibiotics.

Reducing the level of acid in your stomach. This is very important because acid irritates the infected areas of the stomach wall causing either severe pain or discomfort. Antacids can relieve the pain in your stomach. If antacids do not work, then your doctor will prescribe medicines which control the amount of acid that your stomach produces.

Maintain a healthy life style. Make sure you eat on time and eat the right quantity. Do not over eat or eat less than what you need. Do not ignore your hunger pangs for a long time. Exercise on a daily basis as it will help blood circulation and keep many illnesses at bay.

Control stress levels. If you are suffering from gastritis make a conscious effort to stay calm and relaxed. Remember that health is wealth and worrying about something is not going to change anything.


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