Sunscreen Application Tips

001sunscreen Applying sunscreen lotion or cream on your face and body is the only way to prevent suntan. Sunscreen also protects the skin from the harmful affect of the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. However, to get most out of your sunscreen lotion or cream, you should be aware of the correct application method.

1. You should apply adequate amount of sunscreen lotion or cream. To get the desired result from your sunscreen lotion, you should apply a handful or 35 to 40ml of the lotion.

2. You should apply the sunscreen lotion, at least half an hour before going outdoors. This time is needed to allow the skin to absorb the lotion, forming the protective layer.

3. A single sunscreen lotion application is not adequate to protect you from the sun rays throughout the day. Perspiration washes away the sunscreen lotion from your skin. You can use waterproof sunscreen lotions while swimming. However, even waterproof sunscreen lotions cannot be completely waterproof. Therefore, waterproof sunscreen lotions also need to be reapplied. Sunscreen lotion should be reapplied if you wipe your face.

4. Although, sunscreen lotion suitably protects the skin from suntan, but it cannot effectively protect the skin from the strong mid afternoon sun. During this time of the day, when the sun is strongest, you need the shade of an umbrella or a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses, to protect your skin.

5. Sunscreen lotions should be applied everyday, throughout the year. It helps to prevent sunburns and delays appearance of wrinkles. It also prevents dryness of the skin, premature skin aging and skin cancer. Even a cloudy day should not stop you from applying sunscreen lotion. Nearly 80 percent of ultra violet sun rays are present on such a day.

6. Sunscreen lotions should be used by individuals of all ages, ethnicity and gender. Even babies need sun protection.  People with dark or tanned screen also need sunscreen cream for skin protection.

7. sunscreens with SPF between 15 and 30. These sunscreens protect you from over 90 percent of UV rays.


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