Stomach Ailments in Summer Season

001stomach-ail In summer season there is highest possibility that eating of stale or rotten food and drinking of filthy water can result in catching stomach infection. The most common stomach ailments that register highest growth in summer season are diarrhoea, typhoid and cholera.

The beginning of all such ailments is made by loose-motion and vomiting. And if at this level, some precautionary steps are taken then serious illness can be brought under control.

Two Types of Diarrhoea

Increase of viral and bacterial parasites in water reduces the capacity of body to absorb fluid. This situation is termed as Watery Diarrhoea. It is advisable to boil water and then drink it as bacteria is easily killed by boiling water. Because of pollution, the level of toxic contents in eatables gets increased which in turn can result in Infective Diarrhoea.

Toxins cannot be destroyed even when water is boiled and are commonly found in milk or milk products and non-vegetarian food. As a precautionary measure, always use fresh milk and butter and try to abstain from consuming meat and other related products in summer season.


Regular vomiting and loose-motions can bring lot of weakness, pain and laziness in the body. Fever and headache can also be one of the symptoms in this case. Sometimes, it happens that

Precautionary Measures

– Try to take low-calorie diet in summer and eat half amount of food of your hunger.

– Never eat road side eatables.

– Minimize your consumption of oily and fried food because in hot season it restricts the digestion of food.

– Never eat stale food.

-Always keep prepared food inside the refrigerator and use it on the same day itself.

– Try to eat maximum amount of curd as it helps to keep your stomach cool and is also beneficial for your skin.

– Eat fruits that have high water content, such as, water melon, sweet melon, mango, cucumber and grapes, etc.

– Always wash your hands with soap before taking food.

– Try to eat home-cooked or fresh food.

– Add chlorine tablets in portable drinking water drink water after boiling it.

– In summer, drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of fluid including water, juice and coconut water, etc.


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