Some Important Travel Manners

tourist Travelling is a hobby for many while others might have to travel for work purposes too. What ever the reason might be, one should try and maintain some etiquettes and ethics while travelling. This will make the trip pleasurable and enjoyable to them.

Here are some guidelines for your travel so that you may enjoy a wonderful trip.


1.) Try to know the rules and regulations of the place you will be visiting. This will make you comfortable about the place and you will be able to avoid ill circumstances too.

2.) Do not insult the culture and tradition of the place you are visiting. Instead show your respect towards it and also be polite and genteel towards the local people of that place. This will fetch you help and assistance whenever you will be in need.

3.) Take care of the one’s who are travelling with you. It is your responsibility to look after all their needs. Be extra careful with aged people when they are travelling with you especially with respect to their health.

4.) If you are going for sight seeing than it is sensible to listen to your tour guides instructions otherwise you might land into trouble.


1.) Do not rush to catch the mode of transportation. Try to reach your destination i.e. station, airport, etc. before time in order to avoid panic.

2.) Do not disturb your co travelers. Take care of your own belongings and behave well with your co passengers during the travel. Avoid getting into conflicts with them. Do not perform activities that might disturb them like smoking, drinking, listening to loud music, etc.

3.) Behave well with the hotel staffs and do not treat them like servants.

4.) Bringing back the hotel belongings like towel, bed spread, plates, etc. along with you is a malpractice. It is similar to stealing others goods.

5.) Collect the necessary information about the hotel’s meal timings and order accordingly.

6.) Do not create problems for the other guests at the hotel in any way.

7.) Get ready on time for sight seeing events.

8.) When you are visiting a certain place do not dirty that place unnecessarily. Try to carry small paper bags with you to carry the garbage like fruit peels, papers, waste packets, etc. and dispose them at the relevant places.


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